iPractiCalc は普段の買い物や仕事の際に実用的に役に立つ2つの計算モードを備えた実用電卓です。



よく使う数値を 登録しさらに作業効率を上げることが可能です。


Two Practical Calculator Mode


Prop Mode

[image source=”http://alberoblu.hiroaoki.com/images/iPractiCalc_Help/000_1.png” align=”center”]


Normal Mode

[image source=”http://alberoblu.hiroaoki.com/images/iPractiCalc_Help/000_2.png” align=”center”]


Example cases of Prop mode




4 → 200 → 3 を入力



150g:560円、180g:720円 の牛肉どちらがオトク?

150 → 560 → 180 を入力





640 → 480 → 500 を入力

H375px ですね。




IPractiCalc v2.0 is an innovative calculator with two calculation modes.
These two calculation modes can be used for both everyday shopping and work.

Prop mode can be used to compare prices for shopping or to measure the portion of ingredients for cooking.

Normal mode can be extended to enable you to see the entire calculation formula on-screen and to add or delete values (eg. 100, 200 etc) and codes (eg: +, -, x, /) as you like.
Supported tax inclusive value.

Example cases of Prop mode

Calculate portion of ingredients

Your recipe book indicates that you need 200g of flour to cook for four. However you only want to cook for three!

How much flour is needed?

Now is the time to use iPractiCalc! First, enter 4 and 200 as fixed values, then enter 3 and tap Calc. The result is 150. You need 150g of flour for three.

Compare prices during shopping

You are going to buy beef and there are two kinds of beef. One is 500g for $ 4.50 and another one is 600g for $ 5.98.

Which one is cheaper?

Enter 500 and 4.5 as fixed values. Then enter 600 for comparison and tap Calc. The result is $ 5.40. 500g beef will be $ 5.40 if you buy 600g, Therefore 600g for $5.98 beef is slightly more expensive.

Changing photo pixel size

You are trying to upload a photo on your blog. The photographユs height is 480 pixels and the width is 640 pixels. However you need to downsize the photo to fit 500 pixels (both height and width) and no more for the blog.

How many pixels can the height be?

First, enter 640 and 480 as fixed values, then enter 500 for comparison and tap Calc key. The result is that the height is 375 pixels.

Prop Mode Guide

Prop Mode Guide
(proportional and comparison calculation) 

Key Guide

A Fixed value 1
B Fixed value 2
C Comparison value
D Result value
E Calculate
F Next Field
G All Clear
H Enter values

Prop Mode Guide
(proportional and comparison calculation) 

Step 1

Enter fixed values in field A and field B . Tap F key or tap a field to move between fields.

Prop Mode Guide
(proportional and comparison calculation) 

Step 2

Enter value for comparison in field C and tap E key for calculation.

Prop Mode Guide
(proportional and comparison calculation) 


Tap field twice to clear value.
Shake your i-pod or i-phone to clear all values (this function can be switched on and off).


Activate Quick calculation in Settings, enter values in fields A , B and C , and the result of the calculation will automatically be shown.

Normal Mode Guide

This mode will function as a common calculator (standard algebraic calculator) but the total formula will remain visible in the formula field. You may add, change or delete both values and/ or codes as you wish throughout the calculation.
Please note that this calculator is not a scientific calculator and results are given as you enter values. The Normal mode will calculate 1+2×3=9 as it will not prioritize multiplication and division but simply process from left to right or as you enter values.

Normal Mode Guide 

Key Guide

A Four-rules code key
B Calculate/ Confirm Changes (interchangeable)
C Show tax inclusive value
D Clear history
E Delete value
F Send result to Prop mode

Normal Mode Guide 

Step 1 : How to calculate

Enter values and tap A keys will add values and codes in the formula field.
Tap B key to calculate the formula.

Normal Mode Guide 

Step 2 : Changing values

Tap the value in the formula that you wish to change. The B key will temporally become the OK (Confirm Changes) key.
The new value you enter will temporally be shown in the top field.
Tap the OK key once you finish the entry, it will then become the B and you can continue working on the calculation.

Normal Mode Guide  

Step 3 : Changing codes

Tap the code in the formula field that you wish to change.
Now choose the new code you wish to change to by tapping that new code key.

Normal Mode Guide  

Step 4 : Deleting values

To delete values from the formula field, simply drag down the values that you wish to delete from the formula.
The value and the following code will automatically delete.

Normal Mode Guide  

Step 5 : Show tax inclusive value

Should you wish to see the tax inclusive value (eg. Japan is 5% sales tax), simply tap Tax key.

Normal Mode Guide  

Step 6

Should a sub-calculation be required in the process of making a calculation in Prop mode, you may switch from Prop mode to Normal mode and the result of the Normal sub-calculation can be instantly sent back to the Prop mode to complete the calculation.
Result can be sent to specified value fields in Prop mode and the mode will switch to Prop mode.


You may configure theme design, turn on or off functions and edit tax rates.

Quick calculation (on/ off)
Show result one after another as you enter values and codes on Prop mode.

Tap sound (on/ off)
Turn on and off tap sound.

Mode Switch Visual Effect (on/ off)
Animated visual when switch between modes.

Shake to Clear All (on/ off)
Deactivate or activate "shake to clear all" function on Prop mode.

Four different theme designs can be chosen.

Tax Rate
Configure tax rate percentage (to one decimal place).

Key clean-up
For amusement purpose, the keys will get dirty as you use.
The Key clean-up function will clean the keys and give them a fresh look.

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